Eco 3 - underground container

Eco 3 - underground container 1
The Eco 3 offers up to four times the storage capacity to that of its conventional counterparts, while occupying less space overground, resulting in uncluttered, pollution-free urban life.

With a constantly rising demand in this type of underground container, the Eco 3 has proven itself in the field as being the most cost effective solution, for first level waste management in urban areas.


The safety platform works with counterweights and has an automatic locking/unlocking mechanism. The reliability and simplicity of the counterweight system greatly reduces the need for maintenance.

User friendly

The Eco 3 is equipped with pneumatic shock absorbers which assist the user when opening and closing the hatch.

Cost effective

The cost of installing a crane on each truck is a factor to consider, but with each crane installation, the truck can service up to 50 Eco 3 containers. Adding the crane’s cost to the equation, the Eco 3 is still the most cost effective solution for urban waste management.

Eco 3 specification summary

· Total weight cca 2800kg
· Storage capacity 3m³
· Dimensions 1.85 x 1.85 x 2.3m
· Surface footprint 3.4m²
· Crane’s minimum lifting capability of 800kg / 6m