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Underground waste containers are most efficient underground waste management system up to date. With more than four times bigger waste volume then standard waste containers, these products require less area for the same quantity of waste, making them best solution for urban environment.

Underground concrete core

PUnderground concrete core of the container is made from high compression strength concrete – C45/55. Dimensions of concrete core are 1850x1850 mm with height of 2280 mm.

Underground concrete core

Underground plastic core

Underground plastic core of the container is made from high density polyethylene completely resistant to corrosion. Plastic core has diameter of 1600 mm and height of 2000 mm.

Underground plastic core

Inside bucket

Inside bucket is large plastic container reinforced with steel construction which is protected by hot dip galvanization. Inside bucket fits in underground concrete core.

PVC waste Bag II

Inner waste bag is made from PVC that has fireproof properties with solid plastic bottom for collecting of excessive waste fluid.

Drainage grid

Drainage grid is element which is placed on the bottom of underground concrete core, with function of raising inside bucket level to protect the bucket from the waste fluid on the bottom of the core if there is a spill.

Safety platform

Systems with underground concrete block have the ability to install a safety platform.

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